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Singularity Summit 2011

The Singularity Summit ran from 15th-16th October 2011, in New York City. It’s organised by our good friends the Singularity Institute, and features some big name speakers with wide-ranging views on a variety of issues. I was in the audience, and three weeks late I’ve finally got around to writing up my account.

I had a minor quibble before we even got started – the Singularity was defined as the creation of “smarter than human intelligence”. I’m not quite sure how the Singularity should be defined, but I feel it ought to be something which you would notice (if it didn’t kill you). Talking about the creation of smarter than human intelligence (rather than what would happen next) leads people to speculate that the Singularity has already happened (e.g. is the Internet intelligent?), which I feel just confuses things.


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