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Toronto LW Singularity Discussion, 2011-11-22

Present: SD, GE (host, minutes)

This was the first meeting and a particularly rainy night, so only two of us. I decided there wasn’t much point having a structured discussion – that can wait until the next one when hopefully we’ll have more people. So this is a bit all over the place; future meetings will have a clearer direction.

SD wants the goal of these discussions to be obtaining an answer to the question: Is the Singularity worth worrying about? (Relative to other things)

GE also has a more specific goal: finding out whether Singularity Institute is the highest expected-utility-per-dollar charity (and if not, then who). These seems like a much harder question to answer though, and it seems to make sense to tackle SD’s question first. We’ll see if anyone in future meetings have any other goals for these discussions.

There seem to be three (or four) components to the question “is the Singularity worth worrying about?”