But I don’t understand it yet

The first thing that I had to learn is that it is OK to want something.

When a frog jumps, does it want to jump? When a tree grows, does it want to grow or is it just built that way? You can know everything about a person and not know what that person wants. What is good and evil? Atoms have no feelings, but a person is atoms and a person has feelings.

That’s something that I still have to learn. What I want doesn’t have to make sense.

The world makes sense but I don’t understand it yet.

When I am confused about something, it says a lot about me and says nothing about the thing I am confused about.

Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Is Pluto a planet? When we ask these questions we are not talking about vegetables or planets. We are talking about ourselves.

I don’t know if I have had an original thought in my life. How many times have you heard that?

Sometimes the man is nasty. I don’t want to say I admire him. He is somewhere where good ideas have settled.

Everything I can see is inside my own head. We talk about heads a lot. Inside my head is a shadow of your head. Inside that is a shadow of mine. Now it fades.

To think that everyone else is right and you are wrong is arrogance – it means you think you know what is right.

Freedom is the freedom to think two plus two equals five. People make good use of this freedom.

I am only making sense to myself here. Just carry on writing and maybe it will come out OK. Someone else said that. You never need to think the same thought twice unless it’s a thought you like thinking. Someone else said that too – but why is it important?

Will I keep my thoughts to myself? How destructive can a thought be?

To stare into the abyss and say “meh”.

I see someone as me if it’s helpful to see him as me. That person who made all those mistakes? Not exactly me.

I know what it is like to be wrong. If I am right now then I was wrong then. If I was right then then I am wrong now. If the person convinces you they are right and they are right then you have won the argument.

It is OK to win.


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