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Toronto LW Singularity Discussion, 2012-01-12

Warning: contains mathematics

Present: RA, SB, SD, GE, MK, JM

Minutes: GE

Host: pub

This discussion was slightly more informal due to a noisy venue and two newcomers. Welcome to Less Wrong, RA and MK! Also great to see familiar faces SB and JM taking an interest in the Singularity discussion.

GE kicks off with a discussion of Minds, Machines and Gödel. GE attempts to explain Gödel’s incompleteness theorem(wp) but I don’t get very far. (This page is a good quick introduction, but I feel it glosses over some important details – Godel’s incompleteness theorems only talk about whether statements are provable, not whether they’re true. If you get those concepts even slightly confused then you end up in a world of fail).

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